Riviera Residential Complex is a detached residential area with a private yard which has a limited access that ensures security and provides additional benefits for its residents. Guests can enter through the reception only.

The complex consists of eight sections with a different number of the floors and is designed in such a way as to ensure that the residents of any floor can enjoy the natural light and have excellent insolation.

The ceiling height is from 3.75 m in the apartments and up to 3.9 ь in the penthouses.

There is a spacious one-level parking lot including the places for the disabled people under the yard which is equipped with the lifts.

The yard is a private recreation area where there will be children’s and sports playgrounds, amenities, and greenery.

A three-storey wellness centre with a sports swimming pool, a gym, and a spa will provide the pleasures both for the body and the soul, positive emotions, and relax. The centre has a separate parking lot and is connected to the residential part of the complex with a gallery.